Cauliflower steak

No, it’s not at all like real steak. Yes, you’ll feel fantastic about yourself after you eat this vegan, grain free, gluten free steak. Let’s get into it:

roasted cauliflower steak 1

The Recipe:

  • 2 “steaks” of cauliflower (3/4 or 1 inch thick, cut from the middle of the head)
  • 1/2t paprika
  • 3/4t garlic powder
  • 3/4t salt
  • 3/4t pepper
  • A 400° oven
  • *Optional: top with the herby sauce at the bottom of the page


Generously spread olive oil on a sheet tray and let it heat up in the oven while you’re cutting the cauliflower and mixing the spices together.

Carefully place the cauliflower steaks on the hot sheet tray, flip to coat the cauliflower in oil on both sides, and toss half the spice mixture onto the top side of the cauliflower, setting aside the rest of the spices for the second side.

Get the sheet with cauliflower into the oven and cook, untouched, 15 minutes. Flip steaks, coat in the rest of the spice mixture, and crank the oven up to 450° for 8-10 more minutes.

roasted cauliflower steak 2

If desired, top with some of this herby sauce:

1/2c parsley*, 1/4c cilantro*, 1T lemon zest, 1/2t crushed red pepper flakes, 2T red wine vinegar, salt and pepper to taste, and 2-4t olive oil. In a food processor, blend all ingredients except for olive oil. Add olive oil at then end, starting with just 2t and increasing if you’d like the sauce to be thinner. Top your cauliflower with this sauce for a tangy and delightful bite.

*Don’t be wasteful. Use the stems and the leaves! Just make sure you chop the stems before blending, or they’ll just spin around the blade of the food processor. This sauce is GREAT on any roasted veggie…especially potatoes. I love potatoes.


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